Computers and technology have come a long way from their humble beginnings. As a child I was not able to get on the computer at school or in my home. It was a huge social failure. I would walk to the local library to look for a computer and to look at it.
I would stand in line at the computer and wait. After the computer was opened, the receptionist would call me and ask me to go to a computer lab where they would give me a "computer test." My reaction was one of disgust. I could not believe that this was the "real" test. I did not know what it was for, how I was supposed to learn the software and what was going on the computer.
Years later I found out that most of the computer labs were very expensive and that most computer users never made it to the actual computer labs. I was able to get into one computer lab that was at a college and I was given a test. I remember this computer test very well. I was asked to type in the same data and words over again.
Over I typed the same data in and over again. I did not realize that the data that I had typed was a key to the game. I did not realize that the computer was a key to the game. I did not realize that the game was my life. I was able to learn the basics of computer games. I was able to become the computer geek that I am today.

Benefits of Computers and Technology:

  1. Computers and technology have also changed the world for the better. It is easier for people to communicate with one another than it ever has been. Most people do not have to be physically present to make or receive a phone call. It is easier than ever for people to communicate.
  2. Technology has made life so much easier that people have not had to wait in lines anymore. It is so much easier than it ever was to find the phone book or even order new shoes.
  3. Technology has made it so much easier for the average person to have access to information. Information that they never had to know was available to them before.
  4. Technology has brought the world to its fingertips. Technology has allowed people to be able to communicate with their loved ones anywhere and at any time.
  5. Computers and technology have also brought about much of our modern lifestyle. We can order the latest in entertainment and education to our homes.
  6. We can purchase the latest in information and entertainment. The Internet has made it so much easier for people to communicate with the people they love.
  7. Computers and technology have even brought about much of our world. Our homes are much more secure.
  8. Our homes are safe. The Internet has made it so much easier for people to communicate and share information that they never dreamed possible. Our homes are now bombarded with information and entertainment. All the world can now listen to music or watch movies at the click of a mouse.
  9. If you think that your home is safe today because it is filled with computers, think again. The Internet is one of the most dangerous things that has ever existed.
  10. Private detectives are looking into crimes committed via the Internet. They are looking at the criminal's profile and information that they post on the Internet.
  11. Private investigators are not law enforcement officers and they do not arrest people. However, they do provide a service to the public by helping them find criminal activity online.